Indonesia has a variety of Indonesian arts and culture from traditional houses, languages, traditional dances, and other cultures. Wayang also includes Indonesian cultural arts that look unique and interesting. In Javanese, the term “wayang” is interpreted as “shadow” because during the performance using the technique of shadows and light effects. Have you watched the wayang performance? Puppet art is usually played by the puppeteer as well as the narrator of the dialogue of the puppet figures. Puppet performances are also accompanied by gamelan played by a group of nayaga who are professionals in their respective fields.

For those of you who live in the village may still often see puppet art performances at weddings or other events. However, what about you who live in the city? Certainly, it is very rare to see a performance of wayang art, however it would not hurt if we as Indonesian people participate in preserving Indonesia’s cultural heritage. At least we know what are the types of puppet arts in Indonesia. Here we discuss a little about 5 types of puppets in Indonesia.

Shadow Puppets

shadow puppets artThe ancient leather that is famous in Central Java and East Java. This puppet is one of the types of puppets made of cow or cow leather (Javanese) or buffalo skin. During the performance, the puppeteer will move the arms and legs of the puppet by combining Hindu stories with Buddhism and Islam. There are also those that display folklore and also myths. The ancient wayang kulit was first created by Sunan Kalijaga as a means of preaching Islam.

Beber puppet

puppet art beber Indonesian cultureWeber beber is a puppet art that developed in Java and is one of the oldest types of puppets in Indonesia. This puppet is made of cloth or ox skin in the form of a roll, when staging the puppeteer opens the scroll containing the picture and tells the scenes from the picture. This beber puppet can be found in Pacitan, Donorojo, East Java.

Wayang Wong

puppet art in Indonesian culture This type of puppet is very different from other types of puppets, usually puppets are exhibited using puppet puppets. However, this type of puppet looks unique because in staging is exhibited directly by humans as the cast of characters drawn from traditional wayang stories. The story that is often used is Smaradahana. Initially, wayang wong was performed as an entertainment of the aristocrats, but now it is a dance drama that has spread into popular forms of art.

Puppet show

puppet show art culture in IndonesiaWayang golek is one of the unique types of puppets because it uses three-dimensional puppet shows. This puppet is made of wooden puppets, usually using mahogany and this type of puppet is most popular in West Java. Puppet show is divided into two types, namely puppet show puppete smack and puppet show purwa. Puppet show which is widely known is puppet show purwa. The stories used often refer to Javanese and Islamic traditions, such as the story of Pangeran Panji or Damar Wulan.

Wayang klitik or carucil

wayang klitik artistry of Indonesian culture Different from leather puppets made of leather, these puppets are made of wood. When performing a puppeteer, the shadow puppeteer uses shadow in his performances. Klitik comes from the sound of wood that touches when the puppet is moved during a fight scene. The stories that are often used in puppet shows are about Damar Wulan because this story is filled with stories of romance.

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